Mover-Client Service Relationships

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There is a time when everyone will move. More than likely you will need or want to hire a company which can provide assistance.

Here’s some information you may find useful.

That initial phone call.

You’re looking for help. That’s hard. Hard work, unnerving, unpleasant, time-consuming. My intention is for you to establish direct contact with me immediately. If you call, I’ll answer. Unless I happen to be in an elevator moving an item that requires my full attention, engaged in another conversation, or in an area without phone service. Otherwise, mealtime, sleep time, play time, nights, weekends, holidays- I’ll answer. Business always comes first. I honor the process which got me here and I hope to honor your needs and concerns as well. In a friendly way. I enjoy the business of skilled handling. That combined with four decades of experience should put us on our way to a successful journey, literally.

Disclaimer here, I know a lot about moving, but I don’t know everything.

If anyone says they do, they probably don’t. I take pride in being creative and persistent. If I don’t know, I probably know someone who does, or can find them. For example, need stained glass repair? I know the guy who owns the company that worked in the Vatican. You need the confidence to trust your strengths and the humility to accept your weaknesses. Anyway, my designers tell me I’m supposed to write about myself and the process involved in creating a relationship with a client. If this is sounding like a personal conversation, it is. I’m the only guy to talk to.